"Kohl" ( kuhl, kahal, or kohol) is a black substance used by the women of Ethiopia as eyeliner and eye shadow.
Apart from making the eyes look brighter and larger, kohl was once believed to have value as a protection against eye disease.
It's blackness also controls the sun's glare , and thus it is used by both men and women of the desert area.
Kohl is powdered antimony, a brittle metallic elementary body of bright bluish-white color and flaky crystalline texture. ESB Secret organics prepares and sells both light and darker grades of kohl of fine quality.
The "kohl" pencils used in modern makeup are a completely different item and should not be applied in the manner the powder is applied, next to the eye.
To apply kohl u need:
  • a small stick or large toothpick which has both ends rounded off.a small stick or large toothpick which has both ends rounded off.
  • Place this in olive oil overnight so that it soaks into the wood.
  • You may also use the olive oil to clean your stick after.
  • IMPORTANT: If you wear contact lenses you must apply kohl BEFORE inserting lenses (it might damage your contact lenses).To proceed with application: pick up stick in right hand to apply to right eye.Dip tip of stick into kohl powder.
  • Hold stick parallel to eye, and starting at the inner point of the eye, run it between the eyelids ACTUALLY TOUCHING THE EYE. It doesn't hurt, really.
  • Re-powder stick, pick up in left hand and repeat on the other may also enhance your eyebrows, or draw points off the end of your eyes.
  • You will feel when it is in the correct location, and you will have your eyelids nicely black around the roots of the eyelashes with no white skin showing. Kohl is water-proof but not "spit-proof", which is a great attribute in hot climates.A tiny amount of powder will last you a couple of years, and it's much healthier for your eye than commercial cosmetics which you wouldn't dare put into your eyes.
  • Excess powder will gather at the corner of the eyes and you can remove it. It is much less artificial looking than painting a line outside the lids with commercial eyeliners; people will notice your eyes, but they won't be quite sure why.