about us
  • Ethiopian Skin Beauty Secret is a start-up business specialized in hand-made organic beauty products: herbal soaps, hair, treatments, lotions &many more.
  • We are devoted for your healthy beauty. That is why we are happy to produce these quality items.
  • Ethiopian Skin Beauty Secret, ESB Founded In 2012. We Produce The Best Homemade Beauty Products Using A Variety Of Recipes And Health Fruit Extracts For A Healthy Look. We Have A Five Years’ Experience.
  • Some Of Our Homemade Organic Products Are:- Body Soap, Bath Bombs, Foot Soap, Shampoo And Conditioner, Hair Food And Treatment, Kohl And Body Scrub And Much More.

1, Sensual Massage oil for use for relaxation, body ache or for massage, which can be used by individuals or spas. Made off locally produced oils
2, Foot soak packs for pealing dry skin on foot sole pleasing patterns that help relieve discomfort and bad odor. Made off ginger, garlic and eucalyptus leaf
3,Salves with Comfrey for healing cuts, ... Read more
5, Custom made Hotel Soaps created with such herbs as powdered balsam and rose petals marbleized throughout each cake, gently scented.
6, Herbal bath bags of lavender, peppermint, oatmeal and herbs.
7, Bath powder and bath bomb made from arrowroot, cornstarch, rose petals and other herbs
8, Hair ... Read more



moringa bath jel


foot sock


papaya soap


coconut oil


shea butter